Di Francesco speaks before Bologna

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco spoke before tomorrow’s clash against Bologna. These are his words:

What are your evaluations on all of the ACL injuries?
We are looking for solutions to understand these issues. We have great professionals and we will try to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I’m sorry about Karsdorp and I send him my well wishes. It’s a shame because he’s a guy we’ve been counting on in a delicate role.

Greg is a player who needs trust. He is a striker and must find a way to score a goal. He has sacrificed for the team and will do so again. I hope that his willingness to make himself available to his teammates and myself is repaid.

Where will he play?
I do not know, either in the middle or on the right wing. Certainly, though, he will be part of the match. I will also make decisions based, in part, for the match against Chelsea. There is only one objective, though: winning against Bologna, then we will think about the rest.

Dzeko can get some rest?
Maybe, he wasn’t brilliant but he, as always, was dangerous when he had a cross at his feet. I do not know if I will give him a break, I will think about it today and tomorrow.

Lippie and Norman are under the spotlight after the injury of Karsdorp. Is there a trusting relationship between you guys? What role do they actually have? Do players now have a little more fear of getting hurt?
We are still a team and, as I said before Chelsea, the one responsible before everyone else is the Mister. I have to say that Norman and Lippie are two great professionals who are always at Trigoria improving their work. At this time, we also have many injuries. However, we want to be constructive and truly find solutions. We are all united, I have great trust in the entire staff. Players also have great confidence in us. These things can happen, but it’s a shame because Karsdorp had just returned.

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