Di Francesco: “There’s a nice atmosphere around the team.”

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco appeared on Roma Radio this afternoon. Here’s an excerpt of his words:

“There’s a nice atmosphere around the team, which is the most important thing when you come to work. I happily came into my office in the morning, I passed by and greeted everyone. When you go to work and the environment is so peaceful, everything else gets better. I’ve tried to be myself, especially in the relationships I’ve built. I brought my ideas without wanting to upset the players, but now my ideas are starting to enter their minds. I hope this atmosphere remains for a long time, even in defeat, after a victory or a defeat, you must be able to behave in the same way. In certain environments, losing can change things, like us against Napoli. From a mental point of view, the change of course gave us so much.”

“The players understand the turn over I use, but that’s not all. They understand that the group matters more, the team’s result must come before the individual. The individual aspect comes out from time to time, and I understand that because I have also been on the other side of things as a player, but I’m glad to have alleviated this aspect. We have made a choice to have two starters for each role, even if each are not identical players. The idea was to take as many players as possible, I never put all the new players together, I always try to mix things, there are different characters, personalities and leadership aspects, when I manage, I also take this into account.”

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