Di Francesco: “Totti will be a director.”

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco gave an interview today to Il Centro, here are his words:

What is missing at Roma to make a big jump?
The only response is by working, I can only transmit my way of seeing football. We must be good at creating a group, which applies to also the club and the environment, we need to be close. This is a place that hails but also criticizes easily. A lot depends on the results but strength is also the ability not to fall down. I was lucky enough to win a Scudetto in Rome and I had a great group there. You have to recreate this to strive to win something important.

We will almost certainly have him as a director and beyond which ever role he chooses, I would be glad to have him close because he would be bring added value because of his ability to understand the environment. I will do the managing, but having people close to you who can be a good go-between with the players I don’t well. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the fortune of managing him.

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