Di Francesco: “Us and Fiorentina are similar. Why no Schick against Atalanta? In place of who?”

John Solano

Roma manager Eusebio Di Francesco was interviewed today by RAI ahead of tomorrow’s clash against Fiorentina. These are his words:

How was the day after Atalanta-Roma?
We are certainly disappointed with the final result, but we’re trying to look at it with the glass half-full.

How do you treat this syndrome?
By working and trying to work on the lads’ heads — as well as our personality, which I’ve always said is something that can’t be bought.

Why didn’t Schick get a chance during the difficult moment?
In place of who? Dzeko had scored 2 goals and was doing well? I’m the same manager that had us playing a certain way in the first half.

Fiorentina has scored 7 goals and conceded 6 in their last matches: what does the data suggest?
That we are two similar teams right now, in the sense that we are scoring a lot but we suffer a lot, but day by day we must improve defensively.

Is it possible to see Schick and Dzeko together?
For tomorrow’s match, it is likely that only one of them will be on the pitch.

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