Diawara: “I’m excited to be back. I missed my teammates. Our goal remains the top four”.

John Solano

Roma midfielder Amadou Diawara appeared on Roma Radio for an extensive interview. Here’s what he had to say:

How did you handle this particular period with the Coronavirus?
I am experiencing this moment just like everyone else, with a bit of stress. I can’t wait for this bad period to end. I stayed at home and followed the government’s directives.

How is the situation in Africa? Have you been in touch with your family?
The virus has also affected Guinea, but the situation seems to be under control at the moment. I have heard from my father and sisters and they tell me that the situation is slowly resolving. There are fewer cases than in Italy, but the virus still hit us, but it’s under control.

How did it feel returning to Trigoria? It’s also worth remembering that you’re coming off an injury.
I’m fine. I was looking forward to returning to the pitch to train with my teammates, even if we are training individually for now. I was looking forward to returning to Trigoria, seeing my teammates – even if at a distance – and going back to doing the things we did before.

What was the thing you liked most about the return to the training center?
Seeing my teammates again. Since you’re around them everyday, you get close and form a bond so I didn’t enjoy being away from everyone for so long. I missed them.

You didn’t play much initially but then you inserted yourself well into Fonseca’s style of play.
I was coming off a season at Napoli where I played little, so I knew that I would have to give 100% to Roma when I was given the opportunity. I started to learn what the manager wanted from me and the other midfielders and then I started imposing myself.

What does Fonseca ask of you?
The managers wants all the midfielders to be well positioned with your body and to help the central defenders. His football is fun.

You chose number 42 because of Yaya Touré. What did he represent for African football?
He was a great player and a symbol for all Africans who play in his position. I liked his vision and calmness with the ball. I went crazy when I watched him as a child.

Now you have to score more!
Yes, to look like him I have to score a few more goals. But with work I can get there.

You came to Rome amid skepticism. When did you get the feeling that your gamble paid off?
It was normal. When I arrived at Roma I had no continuity plus I was injured. I went to the African Cup of Nations, which helped me a lot, and then I decided to cut my holiday short and start working with my new teammates.

It wasn’t easy to immediately insert myself into a new team and the way they play, but I waited for my chance and once I found continuity, I wouldn’t disappoint the supporters.

What do you expect when you return to the field?
When we get back on to the field, it will be like how things are at the beginning of the season. We’re coming off a period where we haven’t played. We will need the strength to start over and go to the thousandth degree to reach our goal, which is the top four.

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