Dzeko: “We had a great tour.”

John Solano

Edin Dzeko in the mixed zone after Roma’s loss to Juve in penalties:

It was a demanding test, Roma were good in the first 15 minutes and then?
It is still pre-season, in the first few minutes we did well, then we were a bit lost and I do not know why. In the second half, however, we did much better against a strong team. We can be happy, we had a great tour.

The understanding with Kolarov is still there: he has already given you an assist.
Yes, we know each other well. He has helped me a lot in the Premier League, he is a very strong player who can help this Roma and I’m glad he came here.

He is very strong, we have seen quickly why Roma bought him. He has so much quality, he is still young, he can still improve and learn here.

How do you rate this tour?
We did well, we trained very well and I feel we are more prepared for the new season, but we still have 20 days left.

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