Dzeko: “I needed time to adjust.”

John Solano

Roma striker Edin Dzeko was interviewed in today’s of Il Corriere della Sera, here are his words.

“To beat Juve (for the Scudetto), we must be more ‘nasty’ against the smaller teams.”

Is it you Edin Dzeko who now understands Roma or Roma who understands Edin Dzeko?
Both. I came from another country and a different league. Maybe I needed some time, but now I have learned so much about Serie A, the defenders, the stadiums and the club. It’s showing on the field, right?

Spalletti always compliments you but always says that he wants you to be more nasty in front of goal. Fans fall in love with the bad guys like Ibra: it’s OK to be good off the field but bad on it?
We must understand what it means to be ‘bad’. If I make the same mistake twice in a match does it mean I lack nastiness? Bad, for me, means you have to use all of the opportunities you have, that you have to concentrate more: I commit myself to doing it, but I can’t change who I am after 30 years. I was born this way.

Will it be nice to talk to Lulic before the Derby?
Should I call or not call him. I’m not superstitious. We have been friends for a long, long times, he’s my teammate in the National team. Once we enter the stadium, though, Lulic does not exist. I know what to do. I know we have to win and I will give everything for that.

And you hear from Pjanic, who named his son Edin?
I talk to Mire, of course. Although he is with Juve and has goals (in his career) that don’t make me happy it’s fine, it’s his job.

In the past, you said that the image of Italian football was not good. What do you think now that you play here?
First, the stadiums. In the Premier League and the Bundesliga they are all new and are full. Thus, even if two teams aren’t playing well, the match still looks beautiful. I hope that things will change. I think about the new stadium of Roma: if someone comes from outside and wants to invest, let him do it! The stadium, then, remains to the city.

The Curva Sud will miss the Derby. What do you think?
We need the fans. The Juventus Stadium is always full, so it is easier. Football is for the fans. If you do something good, like Diego’s goal against Viktoria, it’s wonderful to receive the praise from the fans.

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