Dzeko: “Its difficult for us with an empty stadium.”

John Solano

Roma #9 Edin Dzeko was interviewed by Sky Sport today, here are his words:

“We play for the fans but when we see our empty stadium and then go to the Juventus Stadium and it’s sold out and completely behind Juve…it’s difficult for us. If our stadium was full everything would be easier for us. Juve are strong, but anything is possible. Nothing is finished yet.”

The season so far?
After last season, things were very difficult for me, I think the last few months I’ve been doing what I’ve done my whole career.

What did you not understand Italian football?
Everything (laughs)! So many teams play compactly, maybe that’s why it was tough for me, I had to understand how to play but now I think I have succeeded in doing so and we hope to continue like this. I want to do more, the Mister still says I’m missing a little of malice and it is true, but I was born like this, I have to focus more on all the chances I have and exploit them.

All of Roma must make the leap, though, to win something.
In Cagliari, we were winning 2-0 after 47 minutes and we drew, this is not possible for a strong team like ours. With Atalanta, we were winning after the first half and we also had many other chances in the second half but we didn’t take advantage, we must improve.

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