Dzeko: “This is the true Dzeko.”

John Solano

Roma striker Edin Dzeko gave an interview today to Roma Radio a day after scoring in the Giallorossi’s 4-1 win over Palermo:

Do you want to continue with this goal average?
It’s amazing that last season I scored 8 goals in 31 matches, and now I have my eighth in only 9 matches, but I feel good and I want to continue like this. The real Dzeko is the one of this season.

In my career, I’ve had a lot of goals but also many assists. I can do that too, but my job is to score goals.

Spalletti has always encouraged you to go beyond the opponent’s defensive line…
He always wants more from me, and so do I. Now I have scored 8 goals but I want to continue like this and play even better. After this, we will see where we arrive in the table, but for now, I can say that the Mister wants the team to play these balls behind the defence for me. This is Italian football and I must do so, last year, I did not do this and this is also why I did not score a lot of goals.

Italian football?
There are always 2-3 defenders marking you, in the first season, I didn’t know who was watching and marking in defence. Now I know and it shows.

He scores and assists, he is calm. He’s an incredible guy, a strong player and is important for us. He already has 5 goals in 9 matches and this isn’t typical of an attacker. I feel very good with him.

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