Dzeko: “We won an important match.”

John Solano

Edin Dzeko to SportMediaset after Benevento 0-4 Roma:

Great performance, every shot seemed to be a goal.
Yes, but every victory and every match presents three points. It’s not important who you play against, you have to play every match and, if possible, win. We did well today and must continue.

Di Francesco’s style of play continues to grow?
It is always said that Roma loses points against the small clubs, so there are no easy matches. We won an important match, we all have to grow together, I think we can do it.

You are always in the heart of the action.
I like this style of play, the more I play, the better I feel, we are still at the start of the season, form will arrive as we continue to play.

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MatchDay 37
19 May 20:45