Edoardo Bove on Mourinho’s impact: “I recognize myself in his teachings.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma midfielder Edoardo Bove spoke to Lega Serie A ahead of the upcoming season.

The former Primavera captain is now expected to regularly start in Jose Mourinho’s formation after making an impressive run in last year’s Europa League camapaign.

“Ever since I joined the first team the feelings for this club and these colors have grown stronger,” said the Italian midfielder. “You remember how much you’ve grown and how you’ve changed over the years, and being here becomes even better.”

“Mourinho? I recognize myself in his teachings and his values. We have a great rapport with lots of empathy. He taught me to train and work in a way I wasn’t used to.”

“He’s the kind of coach that requires a certain type of attitude. I was lucky enough to start from the top, as we are talking about one of the best in the world. I was fortunate to learn to work in the best possible way under him.”

“My objective for the new season? I want to play as many games as possible and do it to the best of my ability. I want to grow as a player both in training and in matches. We will think game by game. The first one will be with Salernitana, let’s think about that one and then the next one.”

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