Emerson: “I must thank my teammates and the Mister.”

John Solano

Emerson to Roma TV after scoring in Roma’s 4-0 victory over Villarreal:

You’ve had many good crosses but today was a wonderful goal.
True, it was a beautiful goal. I tried to kick it with my right foot and I was lucky that the ball went in. I’m happy because I helped the team.

Where have you grown the most?
I have more courage and personality and I am demonstrating my qualities. I have to grow and work because I am young. I thank the Mister and my teammates because without them I would not have had this growth.

You must have concentration in the return leg?
Yes, Villarreal are a strong team. They have fast players going forward and we have to be careful and have another great match.

The atmosphere in the dressing room?
We are very happy, winning here is difficult but tomorrow is another day and Sunday there will be another difficult match.

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MatchDay 38
26 May 20:45