Empoli boss Andreazzoli: “We have to put in a good performance.”

Andy Mattioli

Empoli manager Aurelio Andreazzoli addressed the media in a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s match-up with Mourinho’s Roma.

The ex-Roma coach was asked about his team’s recent impressive track record.

“I am always satisfied and I think I give this impression. We wanted to follow a path to achieve these results over the course of the season, time gives you the opportunity to put things right. This allows young and old players to consolidate, they work particularly for personal satisfaction by taking advantage of the team spirit.”

“I am happy but we must continue to do what we do: we have the opportunity to improve, with this way of thinking and acting on the pitch.”

“My players are very good with facts, we stumbled several times but we immediately got up again. This is the best part. We will fall again, perhaps even heavily, but the moral aspect matters as much as we have highlighted several times.”

On the match-up with Roma:

“It seems obvious to me that we care about the result, and it seems equally obvious to me that our goal is to improve our position in the standings.”

“We hope to succeed from time to time, we go out on the pitch to give a good performance. Then it will depend on how much Roma allows you to do, despite you doing a lot. Our job is to bring them down a bit and we keep our level up.”

On Mourinho:

“For me it is a huge fortune and satisfaction to meet him on the pitch, we have little confrontation on an individual level but Mourinho was very nice in the first leg. For me it is a race like any other, we always try to do our best.”

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