Ex-Roma, current Bologna director Walter Sabatini reveals Totti regret

John Solano

Former Roma Sporting Director and Bologna’s current Global Sporting Director, Walter Sabatini, appeared on today’s telecast presentation on of Siniša Mihajlović‘s autobiography, “La Partita della Vita.”

Sabatini, who spent five seasons in the Italian capital with the Giallorossi, joined the Serbian manager for a chat about his playing career before the pair were later joined by former Roma captain Francesco Totti.

After the trio discussed a variety of subjects, Sabatini turned his attention to Totti and addressed the former Giallorossi talisman, who retired in May 2017.

”Until his last breathe, he was a great footballer and I was very lucky to have the opportunity to watch him play,” said the 65 year-old.

“Even though he was in his final years, I still have a huge regret in my life: I told Francesco to retire because I was worried that his ability would decline and that he would end his career by essentially fading away.”

”But then I realised what I had said was bullshit because he was still enjoying himself. The feeling that I made a mistake with him has only grown. He was enjoying himself until the very last match.”

”So I want to apologise, Francesco. I fu*ked up, as I have many times before in my life.”

Totti, who was smiling and visibly moved, didn’t hesitate to respond.

“Thank you, Director. And don’t worry about it, we all f*ck up. But what a wonderful sentiment, I’ll keep that with me forever.”

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