Ex-Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi blasts Roma’s sponsorship with Riyadh: “It’s a disgrace.”

Andy Mattioli

Former Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi – who famously opposed Roma’s initial stadium project in Tor Di Valle – called out the club for their recent sponsorship agreement with Riyadh Season.

According to Raggi, the agreement clashes with Rome’s candidacy for the world’s fair of Expo 2030.

“This whole story is a disgrace,” Raggi said in an interview with La Repubblica.

“It’s okay for Roma to get sponsored by whoever they want, but there is a question of methods and times. To put the name of Riyadh, the capital’s first competitor in the run-up to the 2030 edition of Expo, one could have waited and made a possible agreement after November 28.”

“It’s a shameful decision because right now we are all rowing on the same side to bring Expo to Rome, to Italy. This is the time to stand together.”

“It would be nice if Roma put the Roma Expo 2030 logo on their shirts to give a sign of support for our candidacy. Lazio could do it too. I think all Romans would be proud of it.”

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