Fabio Capello analyzes Roma’s struggles, backs Mourinho

Andy Mattioli

Former Roma manager Fabio Capello discussed Roma’s struggles in the opening three months of this year’s campaign.

The Italian technician – who won the Scudetto with Roma in 2001 – was recently interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport and asked to focus on how the Giallorossi may improve their record this season.

“When you start off on the wrong foot the only thing you can do is confide in the group of players at your disposal,” Capello told the Italian newspaper. “You have to be lucky enough to have leaders in the locker room who encourage others not to get depressed and to start performing as expected again.”

“In this case, everyone needs to row on the same side, especially if there is certainty that the technical qualities of the team are up to expectations.”

“Mourinho can certainly be of added value. Having seen a lot in your career helps you get out of difficult moments. By dealing with a coach who has experience and charisma, the players feel calmer.”

“Why the bad start? I think there are many factors. It is no mystery that Roma have made several bets on many players who have a very significant injury history. Let’s say that so far the right “numbers” have not come out, because this lottery has not yet given the desired results.”

“Only when fully healthy can you expect the team to perform and win against the top clubs, something they’ve done too little off so far.”