Fazio: “Cagliari played smart match.”

Federico Fazio to SportMediaset after scoring the decisive goal in Roma 1-0 Cagliari:

Tell us about that goal. Where did the ball hit you?
We found the goal by playing the entire second half in their own half. We found the goal as the ball hit me either in the chest or stomach.

What has happened to the way you play?
Cagliari played a smart match, they were all behind the ball in the second half. It was difficult, we tried and tried but the goal had to come by force.

These are three difficult points. Now you have Toro and Juventus.
We’re only worried about ourselves, Roma. Today we took the three points, we had to do it, we are happy. The next match is always the most important.

To whom do you dedicate the goal?
To my wife.

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