Fazio: “If we want to Europa League we must beat Villarreal.”

John Solano

Roma defender Federico Fazio held a #AskFazio session today on the official Facebook of Roma, here are the words of the Argentine:

What did you feel after your first official goal with the Giallorossi?
Nothing in particular, but after scoring, I thought of my brother who scored a goal for the first time a few days ago and then he told me to do the same against Fiorentina.

How do you feel when you’re constantly being talked about?
It’s always nice when the fans are talking about me. Even when they are criticizing me because it means I still can improve.

When did you get your passion for football?
As a child when I watched the matches of Boca with my father. I always played football with my father after school.

Which team in Argentina do you support?
Boca Juniors, I played for the youth team when I was younger.

Differences between European and South American football?
There are differences. But I’ve only played in the latter and haven’t played in the top flight of Argentine football yet so I’m not quite familiar.

Do you like your nickname The Commander?
Yes I like it but in this team there are two other commanders: Francesco and Daniele.

What do you think of Villarreal?
They are a good team, they’re gritty and defend well. They’re quick on the counter attack. They have a small stadium but with passionate fans. It will be a good match and if we want the Europa League we must win win.

Which are the most beautiful and difficult leagues?
They’re all different. The Spanish and Italian leagues are more tactical and you play with the ball more. In England, there are few tactics, it’s very physical. I like to play with the ball and have it at my feet.

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