Fazio: “It’s important our third clean sheet in a row.”

Federico Fazio to Roma TV after Benevento 0-4 Roma:

How important is it not to concede goals?
It’s our second (clean sheet) in a row, third if you count the Champions League. We did well, it was important not to concede goals and after scoring 4 goals it was all easy.

Good that Roma didn’t underestimate the opponent?
Yes because it was not easy, but we made it easier for ourselves after starting well.

Any differences for you when you play as a left central defender in a back four or in the middle of a back three?
For me, it remains the same and is natural even when we sometimes change things and play with three at the back. I’m ready to play where the Mister asks me to play, we are all ready and this is important. The entire team is ready when the match arrives.

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