Fazio: “We must continue to grow.”

John Solano

Federico Fazio to SportMediaset after Sassuolo 0-1 Roma:

Today you had to keep hold of third place.
It was very important to play in the Champions League next season. We saw this with during this season’s as we made it to the the semi-finals, we had to qualify for next year to continue our growth. Next year we have to improve even further and always look forward.

How can the team improve in the league?
We had a good season, we played every 3 days in the last 4 or 5 months, it’s normal. We have chosen to move forward in the Champions League, we must continue with this growth next season.

Next season?
The experience we had from this year will be useful for next year. You learn from everything, it was the first year with Di Francesco, we did well and we know what he wants, it’s an advantage for next year and we want to improve.