Ferrero: “Leave Schick be.”

John Solano

Samp President Massimo Ferrero in the Mixed Zone after Samp 1-1 Roma:

You spoke with Totti.
I’m enamored with Totti, I’ve known him since he was Titto. Now he is Totti and Totti is everything. If he is happy, that’s fine. I wanted to bring him here, he is a man and an important player, he gave his life to Roma and when I saw him I told him, “Put your boots back on and play for me.” For me, he should still be playing on the grass. I think it was a very painful decision for him, it was forced. This is my opinion.

I say this to all of the fans, leave him be. Be close to him, because he’s a great talent, but starting after next Sunday. See you at the Olimpico.