Ferrero: “Many people ask me to buy Roma.”

Sampdoria President Massimo Ferrero was interviewed by Il Messaggero and was asked about Roma. Here are his words:

Are you ready to buy Roma?
I’m very fine with Sampdoria in Genoa, there is love and glory. In life, never say never. Many people around Rome ask me to buy the club, but I’m fine where I’m at.

Stadio della Roma?
Every club must have a stadium, as a club president it is a battle I’ll continue on with.

But what do you think of that project?
I went to Tor di Valle as a kid, when there was the race track. For me, it is not really the ideal area, there were better ones available. I would not have chosen that area, but that is only my opinion.

How will it end?
I fear that too many problems may arise, which is the fault of the institutions, in the end, I think Roma will get tired of this and won’t move forward with it.