Ferrero: “Schick is Roman and Romanista.”

John Solano

RomaPress Live – Via Bocca di Leone: Schick to Roma is done. Samp president, standing next to Baldissoni and Monchi, spoke to awaiting media members after the decisive meeting to bring the player to Roma:

“Now I can only tell you that we are so hungry and that Schick is Romano and Romanista, and it will be a shock for us to give him away. I am very happy that he is in Rome because I have been keen to make him come here (Rome), the boy is happy. Roma have made a great deal, and here we are not talking about money but football. The important thing is that he is okay, because he (Schick) is my most beautiful jewel, he is a good boy and you will see that he is ruthless in front of the net.”

When does Schick arrive in Rome?
Now you want to know too much! He arrives today.

Is this the most important operation you have done?
No, but it’s one of the most important. Sampdoria is a guarantee because when players arrive they find the sea and peace plus a president who loves them.

Was Roma the most motivated club?
I can only say it’s been very difficult, I’m very happy that Schick has chosen Roma. There were PSG, Monaco, Napoli and other clubs.

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