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Feyenoord defender Quilindischy Hartman details plan to stop Paulo Dybala

Andy Mattioli

Feyenoord defender Quilindischy Hartman attended today’s press conference on the eve of the first match of the Europa League playoffs with Roma.

The Dutch leftback was asked about the responsibility of guarding Roma’s Paulo Dybala who will be playing on his side of the pitch.

“I think just one player marking him is not enough, others are needed to contain him because of how good he can be,” Hartman told reporters.

“Our defense is holding up well compared to last season, we are playing together often and we are improving. We have conceded few goals for some time, we are confident for tomorrow.”

“Mourinho and De Rossi? I watch a lot of games and there are differences between how Roma played and how they play now. Now they play more offensively than before, but they have the same level of excellent players and in the end there won’t be much difference.”

“Our intention is to win, but not because we are talking about Roma but because it is an important match in the Europa League. We want to advance further and therefore we must eliminate Roma.”

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