Florenzi: “A pride to wear the shirt of Roma.”

John Solano

Alessandro Florenzi answered questions on Twitter today using the the hashtag #AskFlorenzi: here are his words.

Why did you choose the number 24?
I wear 24 because it is a special day for me and my wife, I’ve used it since I started playing football, it has brought me good luck, so that’s why.

Have you taught the Roma anthem to your daughter Penelope?
It is still early, there will be time to do this, I’ll teach her soon.

Who chose the name Penelope?
At first we had a few names, but Penelope was the one liked best by my wife then myself.

Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo?
First of all, they’re both amazing players. Along with Neymar, they’re the best in the world right now. As a footballer, I prefer Messi

What is your favorite dish of pasta?

How did you feel the first time you wore the shirt of Roma?
A great feeling when you wear the shirt of your city and the one you’re also a fan of, it is always a huge emotion and it remains to be a huge sense of pride to wear this shirt.

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