Florenzi: “I am happy. It was important to win.”

John Solano

Alessandro Florenzi to SportMediaset after Roma 3-0 Verona:

Today was the two year anniversary of your goal against Barcelona. A magic night?
I did not think a lot about that goal. Today my attention was on Verona and the emotion of returning to the pitch. I tried to do my best for the team and I’m happy.

How was Roma after a week of controversy?
Tonight it was important to win because we are Roma and we have to win all possible matches. We must leave everything that is off the pitch there. We just have to think about playing football. I will try to give the Mister difficult choices to make in all the roles I play in order to take deserved room in the team.

You reacted well.
It’s all about how you deal with the injury. It was not easy, it was bad after the second injury. I learned a lot about work and sacrifice. I also give a “Good Luck” to Andrea Conti, who is a good guy.

Do you want to thank someone after this year?
My wife and daughter helped me so much. I’ve been close to them and I can never thank them enough, I can’t wait to get home and hug them.

Can Roma stay close to the top of the table?
Yes. We must think of each match as a final. If we adopt this mindset, we can do well.

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26 May 20:45