Florenzi: “The match against Juve is important, it will tell us a lot.”

John Solano

Roma’s Alessandro Florenzi spoke today to Sky Sport ahead of Saturday’s match with Juve. These are his words:

Yesterday was a bit of a step back, how much does it burn?
Surely a lot, we are disappointed. We must not make drama out of it, it was our goal to advance but it did not happen. Now our heads must immediately turn to the important match on that awaits us.

What is the value of Saturday’s race?
For the growth of Roma it is very important, just as Roma-Cagliari was last Saturday, but it will tell us a lot about how and where we are.

It’s the defence against the best attack, have the roles changed a bit?
Everything happens by working, we will find the goals a bit easier in the coming occasions than we have recently, we are sure of this. We are working a lot from all points of view. Every day we work on the defensive phase and we are seeing the fruits now that, but I am sure that we will improve also in attack.

The defensive solidity derives from what?
It starts from the front three, that’s for sure. With their pressing forward, they help us remain high up the pitch and do what we work on defensively during the week.

If you had to remove a player from Juventus?
I would take Dybala out, I think he is a champion.

Monchi is awaiting your renewal, at what point is it at?
These are things my agent deals with, for me, he’s an important person. I leave everything to him, I think only of matters on the pitch.

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