Florenzi: “We have to play our game.”

John Solano

Alessandro Florenzi to Sky Sport before Roma-Cagliari:

Your understanding with Schick?
He’s very strong, we don’t need a lot of time to work on our combinations, we have to think about the entire team, not just the two of us.

Has there been a lack of viciousness in your recent performances?
We always work in training, it just so happens we haven’t been able to score and have lacked a little bit of luck. I don’t want to discuss a crisis surrounding our lack of goals, we are thinking about doing well tonight and winning this match. We have to play our game and take things as they come. Tonight we will wear “Telethon” on our shirts, I am an ambassador of this organization, which does so much good, I invite people to donate to those suffering from rare diseases and those who are more unlucky than many of us.

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