Florenzi on his return: “Strong emotions.”

Alessandro Florenzi in the mixed zone after Roma’s 4-1 friendly victory over Chapecoense:

Certainly there is a strong emotion, not just for my return, but also because of the match, which was touching for all of us and for those who were at the stadium, who I thank for what they did to help this club.

Di Francesco said you are a ‘jolly’, would you like a more well-defined role?
I’m always at the disposal of the Mister and wherever I’m neeeded. When I’m all good and ready, which we hope is soon, I’ll have a massive desire to play.

How are you?
I’m not at 100%. The Mister and the trainers know what they need to do to get me 100%, even though it will take a while. However, I am available to make an important contribution to the team.

Is it a stronger Roma than last year?
In my opinion, yes.

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