Florenzi: “I take full responsibility for the penalty.”

John Solano

Alessandro Florenzi to SportMediaset after Roma 0-1 Samp:

The penalty changed the match.
Yes. Surely it would have changed the match, I take full responsibility. I got it wrong, amen. It happened, but after we could have done better, unfortunately at this moment, we are in a tunnel and we can’t the light, only a glimmer. We have to reverse course, I always repeat the same things but it is true. We created so many chances, we have to turn the wheel and we will do so soon.

Why didn’t you go under the Curva when they called?
Two years ago, a rule was put in place that no longer allows us to go under the Curva because there could be moments of tension. We do not want to hide from the whistles. We deserved them tonight. We understand the moment we are in. We identify with the fans and understand their bitterness. We feel the same as them.

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