Florenzi: “We need more continuity in 2019”.

John Solano

Roma right back Alessandro Florenzi spoke today to Italia Uno. These are his words:

Has Roma recovered?
Roma ended 2018 with the right attitude. We know that we can and must do better. During the start of 2019, more continuity is needed along with more positive results.

What is the secret to rediscovering the continuity that has been lacking?
We must try to find ourselves as a group, even if the group has always been the base from where we left. The group can save you under any circumstances, continuing to win as “one” must be our aim. Matches aren’t won individually.

Among the objectives is winning a trophy: is the Coppa Italia a good place to start?
The Coppa Italia could very much be an important objective for Roma. We can’t let our dreams leave our heads, even if some things seem impossible — such as the Champions League. It would be a dream to do better than what we did last season, but we want to improve.

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