Florenzi: “We played a great game.”

John Solano

Alessandro Florenzi to SportMediaset after Roma’s 3-1 victory over Napoli:

What happened with you and Sarri?
I apologized to Sarri on the field, we said some things but it was misunderstood. Anyway, a lot could be brought up from this match, we played a great game and we are happy for the first away win.

Are you the anti-Juventus?
We’ve shown what kind of Roma this is, we always have to prove that, not only when we are playing against Napoli.

The Olimpico?
This problem has persisted for well over a year, it was meant to be a short term measure but it hasn’t. We need the Curva Sud, the heart of the Olimpico. This must be solved but I urge the fans to return. We know the environment when they’re backing us.

Match Center

MatchDay 38
26 May 20:45