Florenzi weighs in on Fiorentina draw

John Solano

Alessandro Florenzi to Sky Sport and Roma TV after scoring in Fiorentina 1-1 Roma:

Bitterness for the draw?
The message of the evening is that we have dropped points. We played our football and we showed a good Roma throughout the match, which is important. You could point to certain episodes like the penalty they were given, but we won’t look for an alibi.

The penalty?
I do not want to talk about decisions and it’s not in my being to criticise anyone. We wanted to bring home a victory but I think we saw a Roma that was better than Fiorentina.

Did the goal change things immediately?
Yes, but not by a lot, we saw a Roma play well for 90 minutes. We weren’t passive and took some risks without fear. Sooner or later the ball will find the back of the net even if you have the bus parked in front of it.

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