Fonseca pleased with league calendar: “We get to play our first three at home”.

John Solano

Roma manager Paulo Fonseca reacted to the Serie A fixtures being released today when speaking to Roma TV. These are his words:

“I like the fixture list, because it gives us the chance to play at our stadium and in front of our supporters for the first three games – and one of those games will be a derby too. I can’t wait to get playing, and to get playing in front of our fans, and I am sure they will push us on. It’s very important, especially at the start of the season, that the fans and the city are with us. We know that the derby is a special game but it is a boost for the whole campaign to have a game like that at the beginning – because it will bring so much passion and enthusiasm.

“Facing Juventus on the final day could end up being a vital game for both sides, as so often is the case. Anyway, the league is the same for everyone and we all have to face every team – you can never pick and choose when and where. The draw has come out like it has and that final game could end up being key for both teams.”

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