Friedkin pushing to close Roma acquisition within 2-3 weeks

John Solano

RomaPress – The most difficult part in the negotiations between James Pallotta and Dan Friedkin for the sale of AS Roma has passed: agreeing upon a final figure.

Earlier this week the two Americans finally came to an agreement on a figure after two months of negotiations for the sale of the Giallorossi. Dan Friedkin is ready to acquire the club but now we’re in a “holding” period as the lawyers for both parties are drawing up the closing documents to finalise the sale.

A member of Friedkin’s legal counsel has informed RomaPress that, “(The acquisition of Roma) will probably close within the next 2-3 weeks”. The legal teams for both parties are gathering all the necessary paperwork to conclude the transfer of the various properties (12 in total) that make-up AS Roma to the Houston-based tycoon.

Dan Friedkin is now only awaiting the final thumbs up from his legal team before embarking on a trip to Rome to seal the deal.

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