Gandini denies Milan return

John Solano

Following his exit from Roma, Umberto Gandini spoke to Sky Sport about what his future may hold. These are his words:

“The truth is that it was a very complex summer from this point of view and that the choice and the final acceptance by Ivan Gazidis in the role of CEO led us to have a series of consultations, relations with him have been excellent for many years, and my relations with the club and with the Elliot Fund are very good. We have agreed that, as of today, there are no conditions for my return and that therefore I remain free on the market while Ivan Gazidis will take over the reins of the club starting from the first of December and he will carry Milan forward. I have time, I have the opportunity to metabolise the experiences I’ve had and to evaluate with great serenity those opportunities that I hope will arrive and come true. Now we have a federal election on 22nd October and we will see what happens. Let’s see how the board is be formed and what choices will be taken by the president. The Lega has a CEO role, logically I have frequented the Lega far and wide for many years and I certainly have an interest in assessing that position”.