Gandini: “I think they chose me to give Roma international credibility.”

John Solano

Ex-Milan director and soon-to-be CEO of Roma Umberto Gandini spoke to Il Corriere della Sera about his passage to the capital as he is set to be named the heir to ex CEO Italo Zanzi:

Was there no place for you in the new course of Milan?
I’ve wondered that myself, but then the desire to grow led me to this decision. Moreover, the change in ownership results in a turnover of directors. We are at the end of an era, so it’s right.

When were you approached by Roma?
The idea arose in early June. There was a meeting with President Pallotta that ventilated a possibility for me. I will have the opportunity to do some things on my own and have leadership responsibilities. I think they chose me to give Roma international credibility.

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