Gandini: “An important moment for the collective growth of the team and club.”

John Solano

Roma director Umberto Gandini spoke to Premium Sport after the club drew Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, and Qarabag in Group C of the Champions League:

Is this expectation that surrounds Roma a burden?
The most important thing is to bring Roma to where it deserves to be. We know this is an important moment for the collective growth of the team and club. We have responsibilities both in the league and in the Champions League, where we will face European giants, with two special managers, especially in the motivation aspect. Then, the trip to Azerbaijan will be uncomfortable. It is our responsibility to prepare the best way we can and in December we will see where we are.

Is there trust for Schick or do you remain serious and silent?
All the cards are on the table. Everyone knows what the situation is. Transfers are done in three (parts).

The difficulty Roma will find in two teams of great European experience?
Surely experience will matter. Their managers are capable and skilled and their rosters are great. Chelsea had a great season last year. They’ll take note of our strength. The calendar will matter, too, but we will play as they (the matches) arrive.