Gandini: “Monchi has vast knowledge of players. It’s difficult to find talents such as Ünder”.

John Solano

Former Roma director Umberto Gandini appeared on Radio 24 and discussed his time at the club. These are his words:

There are two directors in Marotta and Gandini on the market.
I’m delighted to be on the market and available. I left Roma but I won’t return to Milan for a series of reasons – but after talking to Gazidis, we agreed that the conditions to return to the Rossoneri weren’t there.

I worked with him a little more than a season, but I knew him from before after working on the transfer of Bacca. Monchi has vast knowledge of the players. It is easy to recognise great champions from France, but difficult to unearth talents such as Ünder. He has a medium-term project. He is here to have Roma win every year. Roma are well-equipped and I thought things would start differently this season, I was surprised negatively. The beginning was similar to last year: people wondered if Di Francesco was good or not, then there was talk that Dzeko was a problem. Wins bring support from the fans. Club owners must understand that you’re working with peoples’ emotions.

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