Gandini on the Stadio della Roma and Spalletti

John Solano

Roma director Umberto Gandini was interviewed today by TMW Radio. These are his words:

The Stadio della Roma?
It’s important for us and for the Italian system. For us, it is a source of revenue and a warm and welcoming atmosphere to the fans. For the Italian system, meanwhile, it means growth.

Do you need the stadium to get to the level of Juventus?
We are already at their level. There is a seven points difference in the league, but at a corporate-level of strength we are on par.

Spalletti and his future?
They are the things that he has always said from the beginning. He always said that the pen to sign the renewal is in the hands of his players. Spalletti is competitive and competent: for him, it is important to be focused on the objectives, having a lot of pressure on himself and on the players. In the first months of 2017, we will sit at a table to take stock of the situation.

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