Gandini: “Spalletti? We will decide if we will continue together or not.”

John Solano

Roma announced a new partnership today with agency LaPresse and director Umberto Gandini held a press conference to present the partnership but he also fielded questions from media members on other topics:

“LaPresse has stock photography that dates back to the 1930’s, which will allow us to to help preserve the history of our club. We attach a lot of important to the international relationship LaPresse has and we hope to continue growing internationally and have wider distribution of the images of Roma.”

Will Totti become a director immediately?
We are not considering other possibility, there is a very clear contractual situation with Francesco. I’m not in his head so I can not comment on things that haven’t been said or done. The hope is that he continues with us in another role.

Do you dream of photographing Spalletti’s renewal?
It is a nice wish. First we want to finish the season by wrapping up second place as we have an important match against Genoa, both for the team and for Totti, then we will sit with Luciano and decide our future together, we will see if we will continue down the same path together or we will separate.

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