Gandini: “The market? We have our eyes peeled.”

John Solano

Roma CEO Umberto Gandini appeared on Sky Sport, here is an excerpt of his words:

“The January transfer market? We have a very competitive team, we believe we are covered and certainly we have our eyes peeled to evaluate what we can do to improve this roster. During the first few months of the season, we had some numerical problems because injuries, for example, we won without Salah in some matches so I think this team has the resources to do well. Now Momo is going to the African Cup of Nations, let’s see how long he’s gone for. Iturbe also left as he was looking for a new opportunity. We are monitoring different situations and we’ll see how the market goes, it’s always dynamic.”

“The renewal of Spalletti? I can only repeat what we have already said, Spalletti is our manager and that there is a very clear path ahead, we have full transparency of our relationship together.”

“The renewals of Totti and De Rossi? These are two cases I would say there is absolute transparency. We talk every day with Francesco and Daniele. They have vast experience and a high caliber level. As for the personal decisions, only they know what they want to do, the club is ready to discuss things with them and listen to them at any time. I see no problems in these two cases, they are two assets not only for Roma, but also for Italian football and I would say worldwide.”

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