Gandini: “The will of the club is to continue with Spalletti.”

John Solano

Roma CEO Umberto Gandini was interviewed today by Radio Uno, here are his words:

The future of Spalletti?
The dialogue with the Mister is consistent, transparent, plus we see him very often in Trigoria. More than what we’ve said all along, all I can say is this: the interest of the club is continuing with Luciano as long as possible, the goal is to win and achieve important results. As for the future, what Luciano said is respected by the club: we will talk and will assess together what are the conditions are to continue together.

How have you handled the episode of Nainggolan?
How have we handled it? Through dialogue and the application of professionalism that is in this club. Nainggolan expressed his personal opinions, the crime of having an opinion in a private siuation but then having it go public in unspeakable ways is a risk of today’s world of communication where we all have become reporters. We should all learn to be very careful to communications that are done in public, in private, you can express many things that must remain in that and mustn’t be disclosed to others by deception.

Totti and his future?
Totti is a Roma player, he has a contract until June and it will be up to him to decide. There is already an agreement for him to enter into the senior management tea. and we’ll do that in the appropriate time. It’s impossible to think that Francesco Totti could be out of Roma.

De Rossi will stay?
He is in talks with the club, Daniele will also have a place here.

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