General Manager Tiago Pinto banned until March 8th after Roma-Verona

Roma executive Tiago Pinto speaking to the media
Andy Mattioli

General Manager Tiago Pinto was suspended along with manager Jose Mourinho and assistant Nuno Santos and Stefano Rapetti.

However, Pinto’s punishment will be more severe, reports Filippo Biafora of Il Tempo.

The Sporting Judge has banned the Portuguese director until March 8th, which means the GM will not be allowed to attend games nor give out any pre-match interviews.

The reason for such severe punishment, according to Filippo Biafora, stems from Pinto’s heated discussion with match official Luca Pairetto.

After the final whistle to Roma-Verona, Pinto was heard telling the Italian referee, “You can’t be possibly making such refereeing decisions. You were sent by Juventus where your brother works!” referring to Pairetto’s brother, Alberto Pairetto who works as Head of Stadium Revenue for Juventus.

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