Gerson: “I hope someday I can be like Nainggolan.”

RomaPress Staff

Roma midfielder Gerson spoke to today and discussed a variety of topics. These are his words:

Which period was the most difficult?
After that match against Juventus, I was massacred. Then we discussed a possible loan to Lille. There were a few situations that left me a little sad and downcast.

What did you learn from that period?
That disappointment does not last long because life moves on quickly and you don’t have time to stop and cry about things. This is something that my father has told me since I was young: when you go through times of difficulty, your job is to always stay up and never get down and to look forward without self-pity.

How did you imagine your arrival in Europe?
Things did not go well at the beginning. And the fault was neither the club nor the Mister, it was my fault because I was not ready. A player must always be ready, not only physically but also mentally. After the season, I came back home and reviewed things with my family and friends; I analysed the situation and I understood where I got it wrong and I came back with a firm will to do better. I think this was what gave me the turning point of my career in Europe. And I think the moral is not to blame others, look to yourself.

Which player inspires you, who is your role model?
Since I set foot here, Nainggolan has always tried to help me, I like talking to him and I really admire him for how he plays football, and how does things on the pitch. He has grit, strength and extraordinary character, sometimes he also plays in unsuitable physical condition but his desire to help the team is so strong. I look at him and I hope I can someday reach to be that kind of player.

What are you missing to become like Nainggolan?
I do not have to improve only a single aspect: speed, strength, shooting. I have to concentrate on improving all these things together. All players must have the will to improved in their minds, to always learn something. This applies to everyone, including Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, for the best players in the world: you can always do something to improve yourself. This is true at every age: from 20 to 40.

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