Gerson: “I have to live up to expectations. My only thought is giving 100% for Fiorentina.”

John Solano

Fiorentina midfielder Gerson, who is on loan at the Tuscan club from Roma, spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport today. These are his words:

“When I arrived in Florence, some wrote and said falsehoods, they created things and said that I was not happy. They even said I asked Roma to cancel the transfer so I could remain in the capital…lies. After scoring against Chievo, I wanted everyone to know that I’m happy with this new adventure.”

Your role models?
Modric and Kroos. But as a kid, I went crazy for Robinho. He’s a genius. I could watch videos of him for hours of how he is technically.

How many goals do you hope to score as a midfielder?
I don’t care to put a number on it. I would stop scoring now if it meant Fiorentina had a good season because the group matters over the individual.

Roma still own your rights, though.
I know that Roma will retain me at the end of June since I’m only on loan. Perhaps the sporting directors of Roma and Fiorentina have had discussions on my future. Maybe. Now I have only one thought: giving 100% for this shirt. This club believes in my qualities. I have to live up to expectations.

Your impression of Roma?
I have yet to watch them. When I’m at home, I spend all my time with the baby. Her name is Giovanna and she is two and a half years old. I do not watch other teams’ matches.

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