Gianluca Mancini: “There is nothing to fear in a final.”

Andy Mattioli

Roma defender Gianluca Mancini sat alongside his captain and Italian teammate Lorenzo Pellegrini in this afternoon’s press conference in Tirana.

“There is nothing to fear in a final,” opened the centre-back. “We’ve studied Feyenoord and they have great quality up front.”

“The final features teams that played the best in the competition. It’s 50/50, we prepared it well with strengths and weaknesses in mind.”

“Finals are played on many aspects, the mental one is the most important,” he added.

“At the back you have to stay sharp at all times and tomorrow even more so. Small mistakes make a difference and I have an aggressive way of playing, but we need more concentration than usual.”

“Tomorrow it is a final and we could play 300 minutes if we wanted to because fatigue doesn’t play a role tomorrow.”

“We’ve recovered, we’re doing well, Marash [Kumbulla] told us right away that the locals would root for Roma over here and we are very happy because of it.”

About Roma’s season of ups and downs, Mancini said, “From the beginning of the season, the goal was to reach the final.”

“We started with the group-stage thinking it was a ridiculous competition and that we would go through with ease.”

“Then the spanking at Bødo made us realise that we always have to give our best.”

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