Il Tempo: An update on the market

John Solano

Il Tempo (A.Austini): Close, a step away, it will materialie by Sunday. This has been the transfer market of Roma.

A new striker is coming, but who is it?

If you ask the fan base, they’re eagerly and patiently waiting, but the club has not withdrawn their reservations, though. There seems to be a shortlist of three names: Jesé, Deulofeu, and Feghouli.

After the rejection of the Mister to the media of the youngster Musonda, the club made unofficial approaches to Sassuolo and Sampdoria, respectively, for Defrel and Muriel, but these have not been successful. Both cost a lot, too: the Frenchman could cost €20 million to €25 million, the Colombian has a clause of €30 million and Ferrero won’t sell for less. So, unless there is asudden turn in the transfer market, which is always possible, Massara has turned back to the original names linked with Roma. The situations of all are very well known. Jesé is undecided between the proposal of Roma and that of Las Palmas, if he does finally decide to come to to Trigoria they would welcome him with a big smile. In some ways Deulofeu is liked even more, but Milan have come out on top for the player. Feghouli, however, went from being the goal in pole position to being the most complicated situation of all. The “case of Payet” has complicated matters and plus the president of the club seemed to reassure fans the player won’t leave. Feghouli wants to leave and join Roma, but he does not seem to have the strength to force his departure.

The mystery, if you can call it that, is destined to last for a few more days. Yesterday, Massara flew to Milan with Baldissoni for a meeting of the league, which was a chance to strike negotiations.

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