Inter ultras send message to Lukaku: “You will feel our hate.”

Andy Mattioli

Inter ultras are finalizing preparations for an intimidating welcome to Romelu Lukaku who is set to return to San Siro on Sunday.

The Belgian striker will be targeted by San Siro’s crowd all game long as the Curva Nord is expected to distribute 30,000 whistles to be used throughout the match.

In an Instagram video, the Curva Nord released the following statement directed at Roma attacker Romelu Lukaku:

“Romelu Lukaku is a rather uncomfortable character because he made himself loved and hated. On Sunday he will have the welcome he deserves,” stated the leader of Curva Nord ahead of this weekend’s fixture between Roma and the Nerazzurri.

:It doesn’t deserve choreography and the answer is no. A choreography is dedicated to a person who has merit. This person deserves nothing, the only thing he deserves is to hear how much we hate him and consequently it is true that we will distribute 30,000 whistles, not only to the people on the bench, but to anyone who comes to the stadium.”

“Booing him is the way we make him understand that this is no longer his home. First he was the master, now he is an unwanted guest. Inter fans consider him a traitor and therefore a villain and in Milan he will have the welcome he deserves. We are insulting the man, we are judging his behavior towards us and we are absolutely not thinking about the color of his skin.”

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