Inzaghi: “We don’t fear Roma. We’ll have to have a great performance to win”.

John Solano

Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi spoke today ahead of the Derby tomorrow. These are his words:

How important is this Derby?
It’s a very important match, we know how much it counts in this city, for us, our fans, our standing in the table. We’re behind a bit but we can recover some ground.

Roma can’t afford to lose this one.
We’ll have to have a good performance and respect Roma, their manager, and their player. But we don’t fear anyone, it will take a great performance to win.

How is Immobile?
He’s missing the goal, he’s so used to his extraordinary average with us. He’s almost completely recovered and we hope he gets back to scoring soon.

What do you fear about Roma?
We have respect for them, not fear. The stadium will be full of mostly our fans and we hope they can spur us on. We will have to use our heads, legs and, above all, our hearts, which is what it takes to win a match like this.

Who has more pressure between you and Roma?
Both of us, it’s a match neither can afford to get wrong. We know the value of the Derby, we will have to interpret it well. Yesterday the guys worked well, we are preparing well. We need a lot of attentiveness and do better than we did in the Coppa Italia.

You played a cup match on Tuesday while Roma has the Champions League in a few days.
I’d also like a week to prepare for the match, but the schedules are done ahead of time. We were happy to play Tuesday — we’ll take our performance, and hope to recover our mental and physical energy for tomorrow.

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